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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The coffee world is a beautiful place, with endless possibilities! We have two reasons why we experiment with our coffees, the first is curiosity based. We like to play with fermentation to see the impacts it has on the coffee, our first experiment involved inoculating coffee cherries with beer yeasts for six days. The outcome was a complex low acid profile that makes it a special experience, the aroma of dark fruits sets you up for an intense cup. After the first sip, you realize that it's sweet and light with a rich chocolate finish that makes for a great everyday cup.

We also dabble with time as well, in 2020 we started our Barrel Aged coffee program. Throughout 2021 we aged green coffee beans with staves of a whiskey barrel, and we started releasing them after three months of aging. It was fun to taste how the coffee changed with a month more of aging and finding that sweet spot. We will continue aging in the coming year and adding them to our subscription box. So consider subscribing to be able to try all of the experiments we have planned this coming year.

The second reason that pushes us to experiment and look for new interesting profiles, is to help small producers. Coffees value is based on the quality of bean and process in which the coffee was in, an excellent and sought out example is called Natural process. Natural process involves fermenting the coffee bean in the cherry for 30 days, which results in a sweet complex profile. The downside of this process is that it takes up a lot of space and time, during the harvest season a small producer can not afford either. Our goal with the experiments is to work with the producers so they can learn new processes that result in interesting profiles and more value without sacrificing their limited resources. Our Antigua Experiment was created with Luis Minas, he now can offer a coffee that's comparable to a Natural process and receive more for his hard work. So join us for our next experiments and let's see where it leads us!

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