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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Our subscription is designed to run parallel with the harvest season, as a subscriber you will directly help develop the coffee you drink. Small coffee producers have limited resources to help fund their growing season and our subscription program is here to help!

Starting in December, the harvesting of coffee takes a lot of work and experience. An inexperienced coffee cutter can really drop the quality of the coffee which will affect its value. So it’s important for the coffee producer to hire and pay a cutter a fair wage to insure a great coffee. The season will normally have three to four cutting sessions from December through March, with groups of cutters ranging from three to 10 people, most big coffee producers have a good amount of cash reserves to pay them. Small producers do not, so some take out bank loans and others borrow from family to help, but these practices could be avoided if they received more for their coffee to allow them to save and avoid paying for high interest loans.

Throughout the year there's two more moments where the producer will invest in their farm. In May they trim back trees and plant new ones in preparation of the rainy season. During and before the season is over they have to put down some natural fertilizer and check for any infections or issues. So for the 2022 harvest, the subscription program will sponsor Luis Minas, who is our Antigua producer. We will pay out in advance every quarter to make sure he doesn't have to take on loans. So throughout the year as you enjoy some of the best coffee from the 2021 harvest, you will be directly impacting the next one through your subscription! So we thank you for subscribing and hope you share the impact by referring us to your friends and loved ones.

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