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Updated: May 28, 2023

Specialty coffee refers to exceptional-quality coffee that is sourced from specific regions and often involves unique processing methods. It offers a superior taste experience compared to regular coffee. However, the cost distribution within the coffee industry tends to exploit small coffee producers. On average, the global price received by producers for one pound of processed coffee is approximately $1. This starkly contrasts with the retail prices of around $8 for regular roasted coffee and $17 for specialty coffee. While other costs contribute to the final price, the common supply chain concentrates most profits in the middle, leaving little for the producer. At Paralelo 14, we prioritize "The Producers First" ethos. We believe in transparency and fair pricing for our partners. We work directly with small producers, paying an average of 80% more than the current fair trade standards of $1.70 per pound of green coffee. We aim to increase our payments in the future because fair partnerships are essential for our growth. By putting the producers' needs first, we ensure a continuous supply of the best coffee for our customers. Our commitment to transparency means offering only single-origin coffees. This allows you to trace the coffee back to the exact producer and farm, leaving no room for hidden practices. While other specialty coffee companies may rely on certification like fair trade, we believe it is only a starting point. By drinking our unique coffee directly sourced from a single location, you not only enjoy an exceptional taste but also contribute to narrowing the disparity in the coffee industry.

The Paralelo 14 team sincerely thanks you for your support and encourages you to continue enjoying our coffees. Your choice makes a positive impact on the lives of coffee producers.

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