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       Experience the captivating Antigua region, a land adorned with majestic volcanoes, including the most active one in all of Central America. This breathtaking landscape sets the stage for a truly special coffee profile that promises an unforgettable journey for your taste buds.

      With an impressive quality grade of 86.5/100 points, this coffee is sure to deliver a remarkable  cup. Experience tasting notes of delicate floral tones that lead into fruity notes of ripe mango, ending in a vibrant citrus finish.

      To fully savor the essence of this exceptional coffee, we recommend exploring it through various brewing methods. Unlock its full potential with the V60 pour-over, indulge in its rich flavors with the intense concentration of espresso, enjoy a smooth and balanced Americano, extract its essence through the immersion of a French press, or experiment with the versatility of the Aeropress.



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$19.50every month until canceled
  • Producer- Luis Minas

    Impact- paid $4 per pound directly to producer

    Region - San Miguel Escobar, Antigua 

    Coffee varieties - a mix of Bourbon, Caturra  and Catuai 

    Farm cap - 5,500 lbs 

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