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      After removing the coffee cherry skin, it is washed and dried on the familiar coffee bean patios. Typically used as organic fertilizer, these cherries can also be brewed into a delightful tea, offering an additional income source for coffee producers while providing a light and enjoyable taste.

      Experience the sweet cherry tartness with an earthy finish in this tea, perfectly complemented by honey and ginger. With approximately 25% of the caffeine content found in coffee, this tea serves as an invigorating midday energy boost

TEA DE CASACARA (Dried coffee cherry tea )

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Coffee Tea
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  • Producer- Luis Minas

    Impact- paid $2.66 per pound directly to producer

    Brewing Ratio- 10 grams per 12oz cup 

    Servings- 11.3 cups per 4 oz bag at $1.32  per mug

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