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Introducing our Guatemala Coffee Pack, a gateway to the diverse and captivating profiles that make Guatemalan coffee truly special. This pack is designed to take you on a journey through both classic and experimental flavors, showcasing the essence of Guatemala's renowned coffee heritage.

We begin by featuring the traditional profiles of Antigua, where you'll savor the rich and time-honored flavors that have made this region famous. From there, we venture into the realm of experimentation, unveiling our creations crafted through our innovative fermentation program. Experience new and exciting flavor profiles that push the boundaries of what coffee can be.

With this pack, we invite you to explore your palate, discovering your favorite among our selection of Antigua, Palencia, and Huehuetenango coffees*. Each sip offers a unique experience, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the captivating world of Guatemalan coffee.

Unleash your taste buds and embark on a coffee adventure that showcases the best of Guatemala. Discover the magic that lies within each cup and find your perfect match among our exceptional offerings.


*When coffee stated above are not available, we will substitute it with another great coffee.


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  • Producers- Luis Minas, Gerardo Galicia and Finca Marilandia

    Impact- paid an average of $3.50 per lb

    Brewing Ratio- 18 grams  per 12 oz cup

    Servings- 18.9 cups per 12 oz bag at $1.42  per mug

    Savings- add a forth bag to save on shipping

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