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Roasting coffee at origin

Updated: Jan 19

Roasting specialty coffee at origin, like here in Antigua, is crucial for us. It brings multiple benefits, both economically and systematically. In the past, specialty coffee roasting occurred outside producing countries, limiting the value of coffee and keeping producers in an insecure cycle.

Roasting at origin helps recapture that value and bring positive change.In Guatemala, specialty coffee roasting is still developing due to socioeconomic constraints and limited capital access for small producers.

Established roasting machines often come with high costs, pricing out smaller players. To overcome this, we use a Guatemalan-built roaster, simple yet effective, allowing us to begin building our own roasting capabilities.

Roasting specialty coffee at origin is the most important tool to transform how Guatemalan coffee is represented in the market. It also has a ripple effect by supporting more people locally.

When you choose our coffee and invest that extra dollar or two, you contribute to making a real impact and in return, enjoy delicious Guatemalan coffee.

Read more about this at Perfect daily grind.

Roasting specialty coffee at origin in Guatemala
Roasting specialty coffee at origin in Antigua

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